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martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Be my thought.

Surprise me. Do something, say whatever. Be yourself, smash the world, shout, shut up never. Run, work. Surprise me and talk, surprise me and listen. Sing to the wind, cry to the nights, touch the sky, feel the air, hug the clouds, tear the walls, cross your mind, fall from the top, reach the edge, swim the oceans, pace the deserts. Beauty is the aim. Caresse your lips, scream to the emptyness.

Sometimes, I would give everything I got for just one thought, which can distract me from death. Sometimes, I would just give up, throw every little small piece I am, for just one kiss. Sometimes, I would just rest on the floor, carressing the asphalt, which is softer now, and apologyze for the mess I messed. Sometimes, I would just cry, but tears, are never enough for a non-soul man, either for a non-livin corpse.

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